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Sysrisk is the perfect starting point for your cybersecurity testing, compliance, and advisory requirements. We carry you from testing through compliance!


Cost and Benefit Comparison Stands Alone

Virtual CISOs present more experience and effective solutions for half the cost.

Traditional CISO

Sysrisk Virtual CISO

$230,000/yr + Options + Benefits
Average employment term: 13 months
Average employment term: indefinite
Poached/fired due to lack of knowledge
of an evolving industry
More diversified industry experience
& continuous investment in
knowledge base
Individual experience /
singular environment
More diversified industry experience
& continuous investment in
knowledge base
More engrained / minimal exposure
Collective experience /
multitude of environments
Unique to each company /
maximum industry exposure

Process, Security Solutions, and Administrative Controls Architect

Sysrisk vCISOs can deliver on architectural or environment hardening to immediately and effectively improve cybersecurity posture, propose changes, and harden defense. We can also assist with architecture and design documents for RFP, solutions implementation and other project tasks.


High-level designs are often the greatest hurdle when hardening security in enterprises.


Effectively communicating among different stakeholders for security changes is key

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